Time at Stanford

The Stanford Years

1892 - AC starts Stanford; begins interest in photography.
AC - No listing; Palo Alto, nothing; bicycles, nothing
C.B. Wing listed under Palo Alto.

19 September - Great Register of Santa Clara - #10231, Ernest Sargent Pillsbury, age 24, height 5'71/2 ", fair complexion, blue eyes, light hair, no scars, occupation, student, born in Massachusetts. P.O. & residence in Mayfield.
20 September - The Daily Palo Alto - ``42 studends in Mechanical Engineering."
22 September - The Daily Palo Alto - ``Names of the Students who have registered for the first time."Pillsbury, Arthur Clarence, Auburn, Cal.
6 October - The Daily Palo Alto - 1:2 shows 94 students registered - his training etc.
27 October - The Daily Palo Alto - 1:1 Short piece on C.B. Wing his training, etc.
4 November - The Daily Palo Alto - ``Last year the Palo Alto wheelmen organized with about twenty members and got uniforms. Where are they this year?... Not a week passes without a new wheel being added to the number already on the campus. etc No ref. to ACP.
10 November - The Daily Palo Alto - 4:2 ``Troop I 4th US. Lt. Captain Woods [sic] commanding camped just outside the grounds last night returning for Yosemite."
14 Novermber - The Daily Palo Alto - ``New Machine shop."
29 November - The Daily Palo Alto - 3:1 ``Descriptive Geometry Class taught by Prof. C.D. Marx.
AC Pillsbury in Sect. III Wed. & Fri. 9:30 - 10:30 Engineering Building.
12 December 3:1 - The Daily Palo Alto - ``Pillsbury `96 has a new movie making instrument for Saturday's game. They will be for sale at Encina Hall, on Thursday and Friday."

1893 - ES is listed in Santa Clara directory as a student, residence in Mayfield.
14 February 4:1 - The Daily Palo Alto - `` Pillsbury, `96 is at work during his spare time on a pneumatic tire safety bicycle, which, when completed, will weigh only twenty- eight pounds. The framework of the wheel is made in a somewhat novel way, and is of steel tubing. Pillsbury intends to make every thing in connection with the machine except the tires, which he will get ready made."

20 February - Mary Abagail Pillsbury married Sylvanius Thurman in Redlands , .California. Sylvanus owned a cabin at Big Bear and was, at various times, in the lumber business, involved in transport to Big Bear, and an orange grower in Redlands. No record of children of marriage They were there members of the First Congregationalist Church of Redlands.
The A.K. Smiley Library in Redlands shows their address to have been listed as Crafton. Both the 1908 and 1912 Listngs give the Thurman's address as Allendale, Redlands. The two did have two residences: ( see notes on Mary Abagail for info)
27 February 4:1 - The Daily Palo Alto - ``Denman has been elected manager of the University of California football team for the season on `93."
16 March 3:1 - The Daily Palo Alto - ``A.C. Pillsbury, the Rambler agent, has suceeded in getting a fine 32 LB. no 4 Rambler as a sample wheel. It has the famous G & J pneumatics, which are perfection. Call and examine it at the shop."
17 March 4:1 - The Daily Palo Alto - ``Pillsbury while working on the Daily Palo Alto press yesterday [Thursday] afternoon had his right hand caught in the mechanism. The fore finger was badly cut but Dr. Wood managed to stitch it up so it will not be lost. The injury was quite painful."
20 March 3;1 - The Daily Palo Alto - Ladies Rambler...weighs 37 lbs. Pillsbury Machine shop."

(ACP ads continue to appear)

ES is listed in Santa Clara directory as a student, residence in Mayfield.

1894 - AC had bike shop, Rambler Cyclery in Palo Alto. It is listed in the Santa Clara directory from `95 - `97. Had a dark room rigged up in Encina Hall, in the unfinished top floor while he was a student there.
No listing
12 October - Palo Alto News - ``Mr. Pillsbury, the cyclist, is building a one-story building just back of the bank facing the circle to be occupied as a cyclery. We predict a good business for the gentleman as a bicycle repository has long been needed here."
9 November - Palo Alto News - ``Professor Wing was in San Jose Tuesday night on business."
7 December - Palo Alto News - ``Pillsbury & Co. are making a new tandem bicycle one of the lightest roadsters ever run was made by Mr. Pillsbury and is used by him daily. Its weight is 17 pounds.
``Dr. Harriet F. Pillsbury has removed from Auburn, Cal. to Palo Alto. She is a graduate of eminent schools and is now the only lady physician on High Street."
14 December - Palo Alto News - ``Pillsbury & Co. have put down a good plank sidewalk in front of their bicycle shop."

1895 - HH Family - Moved to Palo Alto. HF helps AC out in his shop.
Mayfield, nothing.
Advertisement - - Palo Alto - (page 576); Pillsbury, A.C. & Co. (A.C. Pillsbury and B.H. Lane) bicycles and athletic goods - Pillsbury, Arthur C. (page 635 in classified) Pillsbury, A.C. & Co., Palo Alto)

25 January - Palo Alto News - ``Dr. H.H. Pillsbury, from Auburn Cal., surprised his wife, Dr. Harriet Pillsbury, and his son, A.C. last Friday [18th?], by coming in on them unawares. He is visiting at present but will probably relocate."
1 February - Palo Alto News - ``The bicyclists have organized a club at Stanford."
1 February - Palo Alto News - `` Pillsbury & Co. are building a light tandem for the bicycle shop which will take place in San Francisco soon. Also a new light safety which they will also exhibit."
15 February - Palo Alto News - ``Mr. A.C. Pillsbury was in San Francisco on Saturday."
1 March - Palo Alto News - ``Mrs. Dr. Pillsbury will be found hereafter at the Nissen Cottage on Channing street between Ramona and Bryant Street."
19 April - Palo Alto News - ``A.C. Pillsbury & Co. will build a large two story store and flat in the lot occupied by their present store and the lot adjoining."
``Dr. H.H. Pillsbury drove down from that place [Auburn] arriving last Wednesday, and will hereafter make his home in Palo Alto.
10 May - Palo Alto News - ``Mr. A.C. Pillsbury has been in Auburn on business."
17 May, Friday - Palo Alto News - A.C. Pillsbury returned Tuesday from Auburn."
24 May, Friday - Palo Alto News - ``Next Wednesday, A.C. Pillsbury and Frank Watson, `95. Will leave for Yosemite and Kings River Valley on their wheels. They will carry with them their camping outfits, consisting of aluminum cooking utensils, 32 calibre rifle and shotgun combined, blanket, camera and fishing tackle, whole outfit weighing about ten pounds apiece. They expect to be gone about three weeks and anticipate a pleasant trip. Mr. Pillsbury will ride a 16 - pound rambler."
24 June - Palo Alto News - bicycle shoes made to ACP order by Cahn, Nicklesbury & Co."
28 June - ``Bernard H. Lane leaving today for Boston to visit parents."
Ernest Sargent graduates from Stanford.
AC quits Stanford
12 July - Palo Alto News - ``A.C. Pillsbury traveled 921 miles on his recent trip to the Yosemite and Kings River. He found several specimens of the famous Snow Plant in the mountains."19 July - Palo Alto News - ``The five-miles race between Pillsbury and Downing of the Palo Alto Cyclists and Gremmenstein and Ley, of the Redwood Wheelman, came off as announced last Monday evening."``75 gathered to see finish Pillsbury cost second place. 12:45 time.``Pillsbury rode a seventy- two gear..."
26 July - Palo Alto News - ``Mr. A.C. Pillsbury will take a run to La Honda on a wheel tomorrow."
``Dr. and Mrs. H.H. Pillsbury and Misses Della and Frankie Tucker left Thursday morning for a few days in La Honda."
``Dr. Pillsbury, although quite an old man, went on his wheel."
``Miss Frankie Tucker also rode bike."
9 August - Palo Alto News - ``Mr. G.H. Wilson has donated most of the water for the flowers around the circle, and Mr. Pillsbury has done the gardening."
``Bike race at Redwood City yesterday ACP won mile handicap in 2:32."
23 August - Palo Alto News - ``Miss Ella Wing gave a very pleasant reception in her home in block fifty-eight Monday night in honor of her 17th birthday. Music and games ?"
20 September - Palo Alto Times - Bernard H. Lane returned from Massachusetts and New Hampshire.
``P.A. Cyclers met in Parkinson's Hall Tuesday evening - might build 1/3 mile race track."

1 November - Palo Alto Times - ``Pillsbury & Co. finished the tricycle for the Visalia gentleman and shipped it on Tuesday. It only weighed thirty pounds and was a beauty."

28 November - Palo Alto Times - ``An Ingenious Piece of Work"
``...and it was for Mr. A.C. Pillsbury, our ingenious young bicycle man, to first introduce one [microtome] of domestic manufacture." Microtomes used to cut insects so they can be seen in microscope." (some on machine)
``The machine is indeed ingenious and when it is considered that the whole work of designing and making the parts was done by Mr. Pillsbury at his own shop, it marks him as one with unusual mechanical ability."

1896 - 22 July - Great Register of Santa Clara County, #6308 - Arthur Clarence Pillsbury; occupation, bicycle-dealer; age, 26; height, 5'51/2 "; light complexion; hazel eyes; light hair; no scars; born in Massachusetts; P.O. Palo Alto Palo AltoDirectory (page 635) Pillsbury, A.C. & Co. (A.C. Pillsbury and B.H. Lane) bicycles and athletic goods. Pillsbury, Arthur C. (A.C. Pillsbury & Co.)
Pillsbury, Harlin H., Physician
(page 696 in classified) Pillsbury, A.C. & Co., Palo Alto

2 Sept - Arthur Young born.
10 October - Palo Alto Live Oak - ``The photo for the cut of the big tree [Palo Alto] which appears in this issue, was taken by A.C. Pillsbury, who is making some excellent views."
4 November - Palo Alto Live Oak - ``Rev. P.R. Wing, and his daughter, Miss Ella Wing, will, in a few days, return to his home in New York State."
``Rings and orange blossoms" (re ACP marriage.)

4 Nov. - AC married Ella C. Wing. Around this time AC buys an interest in a photography studio in Yosemite with J.Y. Boysen. He sells out when his marriage to Ella Wing fails.
Mayfield, nothing listed in directory.
16 December - Palo Alto Live Oak - (ACP to give prize to first person to purchase a `97 Rambler and a subscription to the Live Oak.)
ACP as - Prize was Lantern and Cyclometer, value, $4.50.
Note: Encina Hall was on Stanford campus, related to Encina Wheelman?
23 December - Palo Alto Live Oak - (ACP's souvenir pictures of the University and Palo Alto in big demand. Suggest they make fine Christmas presents to send East,")
ACP ad - `97 Ranblers $80.00 `96 Ramblers $60.00 Second hand wheels $10.35.
30 December - Palo Alto Live Oak - List of building improvements made in 1896. ACP listed under ``unknown contractors" - ``store Building of AC Pillsbury Circle 4700"

ad - Renting prices reduces in 1897 one-third - singles, 1hr. $.25, 3 hrs. $.50, 1 day, $1.00. Tandems, 1 hr. $.50, 3 hrs. $1.00, 1 day, $2.00.

1897 -Mayfield, nothing:
Palo Alto, (page 635) Pillsbury, A.C. & Co. (A.C. Pillsbury and B.H. Lane) bicycles and athletic goods
Pillsbury, Arthur C. (A.C. Pillsbury & Co.

June - ES Graduates from Cooper Medical College
2 June - Palo Alto Live Oak - Delinquent tax list for 1896.
AC Pillsbury & Co., part of lot 1, block 5 $10.90.
30 June - Palo Alto Live Oak - Photography Gallery - ``Franklin & Co. have arranged to build a gallery on the circle, adjoining the Pillsbury Building....The work on the building will be begun today."
21 July - Palo Alto Live Oak - ``Prof C.B. Wing will leave in a short time for a brief vacation in Ogden."
4 August - ``Mrs. Ella Pillsbury has made arrangements to enter the Waldeck Hospital at San Francisco, where she will take a two years course to prepare for the profession of a trained nurse."
11 August - Palo Alto Live Oak - ``Dr. Harriet Pillsbury who has been spending the summer at Niles has returned to Palo Alto."
``A.C. Pillsbury returned Sunday. [August 8]. He has spent the summer in Yosemite Valley doing photographic work."
18 August - Palo Alto Live Oak - ``Alaskan Lecture - Fernand de Journel, the celebrated explorer, will deliver a lecture at Nortree Hall on Saturday night of this week, his subject being `To the Yukon Gold Fields - Klondike and how to get there.'... The stereopticon views will be especially interesting. Admission 50 cents..."
28 August - Palo Alto Live Oak - (above lecture drew only small crowd, had only been to St. Michaels, pictures were poor.")
1 September - Palo Alto Live Oak - (C.B. Wing returns from Ogden.")
8 September - Palo Alto Live Oak - ``It is reported that A.C. Pillsbury will leave in a few days to try his fortune in the Klondike gold region."
22 September - Palo Alto Live Oak - ad H.H. Pillsbury, M.D. (Harvard) Physician and Surgeon."
Harriet F. Pillsbury, M.D.
Office and residence - Cor. University and Bryant Street.
(continues to run off and on.)
26 Sept. - ES married SB
10 November - Palo Alto Live Oak - W.S. Zeller or Maripose, had purchased lot at University and Emerson streets to build bldg on.
24 November - Palo Alto Live Oak - ``Mrs. [Ella] Pillsbury, who has been staying in San Francisco, has been quite ill. She will return to Palo Alto as soon as she is able to travel, to regain her health."
16 December - Baby boy Pillsbury is stillborn and buried in the Laurel Hill Cemetery. later transferred to ? .
29 December - Palo Alto Live Oak - (ACP gave a Yosemite photo to newspaper)

1898 - ES is listed in San Francisco phone directory as: Ernest S. Pillsbury - physician, residence 1813 McAllister
5 January - Palo Alto Live Oak - (Mr. Crandall of Syracuse moves to PA)
Mr. A.C. Pillsbury is making active preparation for his trip up the Yukon to the Klondike. He has laid in a stock of about three thousand photographic plates and judging from the following letter, we may soon effect to see some of his pictures in print.
Text of Letter: San Francisco, January 3, 1898
Mr. A.C. Pillsbury, Palo alto
Dear Sir:
We should be glad to have pictures along the country between Victoria and Dyea and would like to know on what terms you could furnish us with the material.
Yours respectfully,
Editor, The Wave.
(Closing out sale at ACP) a 1/2 page ad
Rambler Tandems 3 of them $32
Get your Stanford and Yosemite views. etc.

Palo Alto Live Oak - ``Bargains in wheels. In this issue appears the announcement of the closing out sale of A.C. Pillsbury. His stock includes a variety of bicycles, bicycle supplies, fishing tackle and Stanford and Yosemite views. Mr. Pillsbury is preparing to start for the Klondike some time this month, and up to the 15th will make sacrifice prices on all his goods." (full length of page - ad)
``Klondyke *** Yukon/ the North Pole and the Northern Lights/On account of my departure from Palo Alto, I will close out my stocks of bicycles and bicycle sundries, fishing tackle, etc. at unheard of prices. At prices that would make you jump and the manufactures close the door. Rambler Tandems 3 of them $32. New `98 Rambler Ideals only a few $27.50 Second hand Ramblers $15 and up Get your Stanford and Yosemite Views A.C. Pillsbury."
Ad - HHP & HFP
12 January - Palo Alto Live Oak - (F.L. Crandall has purchased ACP , including supplies)
ACP who intended to start for AK tomorrow has postponed until next Tuesday. He is having gasoline launch remodeled."
16 January - ES Jr. born to Dr. ES and Sylvia Pillsbury.
21 January - Palo Alto Times - ``A.C. Pillsbury is offering for sale the negatives of his splendid collection of Stanford photographs." [possibly those in Stanford Archives?]
26 January - Palo Alto Live Oak - ``Gone to Klondike All departments of the former business of AC Pillsbury will be continued by some experienced workmen. F.L. Crandall
25 January - Palo Alto Times - ``A.C. Pillsbury accompanied by his father, Dr. Harlin Henry Pillsbury, leaves tomorrow [Tuesday, January 25] for the mining regions of Alaska. Mr. Pillsbury's gasoline launch will be shipped to Seattle, from which place the launch will be employed as a means of conveyance to Dyea. It is expected that this voyage will consume about a month's time. as stops will be made at a number of Indian villages for the purpose of photographing. This ocean trip is a twenty-foot gasoline launch is considered a perilous undertaking by many, but Mr. Pillsbury, who is skilled in handling the boat, laughs at the idea of danger.
From Dyea the launch will be taken over the (sp? Chitroot) Pass by means of the gasoline engine and a tackle system which Pillsbury has invented. Mr. Pillsbury goes to the Klondike primarily as the representative of Eastern magazines with mining as an incidental.
``He will not, however, refuse to interest himself in any gold bonanza which he may run across. He is an expert photographer and carries with him the most complete photographic outfit yet taken into the Klondike country. He has a liberal contract with Frank Leslies' publications for a series of views.
Dr. Pillsbury will probably return to Palo Alto next fall while Arthur plans to remain away two years. The TIMES joins their host of friends in wishing them a safe and profitable trip."
28 January - Palo Alto Times - ``Harriet F. Pillsbury, M.D. Specialty Diseases of Women and Children office and residence cor. University and Bryan St. Telephone N. 91
9 February - Palo Alto Live Oak - ``Dr. H.H. Pillsbury and his son, Arthur, who left recently for Alaska, are reported to have experienced some ill luck. They shipped their gasoline launch to Seattle by Steamer and it got jammed and weakened through the middle, and the oil tank was injured. The accident has delayed their start from Seattle and caused them considerable expense."
11 February - Palo Alto Times - ``Mrs. Ella Pillsbury who has been the guest of Miss Little for several days returned to San Francisco this morning."
16 February - Palo Alto Live Oak - ``The report that A.C. Pillsbury's launch had been injured in shipping proved to be an error. They left Seattle for the North last week."
27 April - Palo Alto Live Oak - ``Harey Robinson received a letter last night [April 26] from A.C. Pillsbury. He and his father ran on the rocks of St. Mary's Island, but succeeded in getting ashore. It was a stormy night and they suffered considerably until picked up by a passing vessel. Most of their supplies were lost, but they had shipped goods to Juneau, to which point they proceeded to resume their work."

5 June - San Francisco Call- Article by ES on his discovery at Cooper Medical College. San Francisco Call pg 17, col. 1. (full page article)
7 June - San Francisco Call, ``Dogmatism Against the Truth - Dr. Ernest S. Pillsbury Can No Longer Be a Member of the Cooper Medical Faculty." (Dr. E.S. Pillsbury was an instructor of bacteriology and discovered alkaloid of the bacilli tuberculosis. His theory was different than that of the college and that was the apparent reason they would no longer allow him to teach there.) pg 19, col. ?
11 June - AC and HH arrive in Wrangell, Alaska.
1 July - (microbes in a pinch of dust, apparently come on his work at the Cooper Medical College.) pg 19, Col. 7.
The family of HH reportedly spend Christmas together that year. Mayfield, nothing; Palo Alto, nothing; classified, nothing.

10 August - Palo Alto Live Oak - ``Dr. and Mrs. Pillsbury are in town today visiting friends, and may locate here again. The Doctor returned from his Alaskan trip much improved in health. He said the only misfortune they had was the loss of their launch in a squall. His son Arthur remained in Wrangel where he is doing well with his photographic business."
19 August - Palo Alto Live Oak - ``Dr. and Mrs. Dr. Pillsbury will resume practice at their office in the Pillsbury Building, next to the Palo Alto Bank."
26 August - Palo Alto Live Oak - ``Dr. H H Pillsbury and Mrs. Dr. Pillsbury have opened an office in the Pillsbury block, as may be seen by their card this week."
Card - Palo Alto Live Oak - Dr. H.H. Pillsbury hours 10 - 12; 4 - 5; 7 - 8; Dr. Harriet F Pillsbury, Hours 10 - 12; 1 3; Pillsbury Building, Palo Alto."
9 September - Palo Alto Live Oak - ``Dr.. H.H. Pillsbury and Dr. Mrs. F. Pillsbury have opened a sanitarium in the Pillsbury building block fronting the circle" Goes on to recommend it.
23 September - Palo Alto Live Oak - Ad for ``The Palo Alto Sanitarium " Pillsbury's Place. Terms: $10 - $30 a week. Box 257, Palo Alto Sanitarium. Special attention to maternity services.
25 November - Palo Alto Live Oak - Annulment ACP and Ella Wing
2 December - Palo Alto Live Oak - ``ACP brought home many fine AK photos... He had the good fortune to procure from another picture taking exhibitor one of the finest photographic outfits that money and skill can produce. He expects to return to Alaska after Christmas.

ES is listed in San Francisco phone directory as: Ernest S. Pillsbury - physician, residence 1813 McAllister.
The family of HH reportedly spend Christmas together that year.

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